Goodnight Vienna

Goodnight Vienna! (And Guam, and Iceland, and United Kingdom).

While websurfing the other day, I happened upon Clustrmaps. This is one of the coolest things that I am aware of in the area of webstat tracking. Click on the map on the right sidebar and check out where our visitors are coming from every day.

Aside from the humbling reality that the words we write tonight can be read seconds later by almost anyone, anywhere, I'm completely curious as to how someone from Iceland happens upon a blog written by a nobody in North Texas, USA.

So drop us a note. How's life in Guam anyway?

And while you're at it, tell your friends in Big Sky Country that they really should get on the stick. We've got the United States surrounded with the exception of the Montana/North Dakota crowd. There's a reward for the person who logs on and posts a comment from the weirdest spot.


Phil Johnson said...

"Weirdest spot"?

That would definitely be Pecadillo's new hovel. I dare anyone to out-weird Casa del Pecadillo.

Chris Freeland said...

It's just as well. The prize I had in mind was one of your new bumperstickers. Although, Turk has you beat with the t-shirt idea.

Who knew blogging could be big business?

centuri0n said...

It's bloody rude to speak of a fellow in the third person when he's standing right here.