Guilty or Not?

I don't know if this is news anywhere in the world other than Dallas, but the trial of Dena Schlosser ended today. She's the sicko mom accused of killing her baby by sawing off the baby's arms with a kitchen knife.

The verdict? Not guilty.

Apparently, the judge things she's insane.

Ya think?

Of course she's insane; she killed her kid. Not only that, she did it in a grotesque, inhumane, disgusting, cruel way. After killing her child, Maggie, Schlosser calmly dialed 9-1-1 and explained what she had done.

There's no doubt that she killed her daughter; Schlosser and her family would admit as much. There's no doubt as to the manner Maggie was murdered; Schlosser's 9-1-1 testimony describes the heinous crime in detail. She's guilty. Crazy, but guilty.

How is it that we as Americans have allowed insanity to be an excuse? Further, what hard core criminal is not insane? Adolf Hitler? Insane. Sadaam Hussein? Insane. Osama Bin Laden? Insane. Timothy McVeigh? Insane. Charles Manson? Insane. Jeffrey Dahmer? Insane.

They're all absolutely crazy. And they're all guilty. Their insanity is part of them.

So we find out that Dena Schlosser had a brain tumor that might have caused hallucinations causing her to kill her baby. Thus, Dena Schlosser isn't guilty. Don't we see how inconsistent that is? Is the brain tumor guilty? Isn't the brain tumor a part of Dena? If not, I'm sure the insurance company will be happy to learn that piece of information.

In our society's haste to shift blame, we've forgotten some of the values that made our country great: liberty and justice for all. Where there's no justice, there is no liberty. Where there's no blame, there's no justice. And where there's no blame, there's insanity alright, but it isn't where we think.