This is hard...

Proverbs 24:17 - Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice.


My friend (and boss) Drew likes to give me a hard time for being a Cowboy. You see, he's Canadian, and has something of an inferiority complex about us Americans.

Well, apparently someone let him into the eggnog too early. I found the following video of him online:

Crazy Canadian

Great Video

I know it's a sorry excuse for a blogpost to just sling a video up, but it's a pretty busy time of year. Plus, this video is worth it. Why didn't I think of this when I was a kid?


Several days ago I posted on the job search process Kari and I are currently involved in and the "good bad and ugly" within that process.

A month or so ago I was checking the various job boards online and came across a listing that I knew my wife would love.

"Kari, where is the last place on earth you would ever want to live?" I asked her.

Her first answer was Alaska. I guess you have to know my cold-blooded and highly-connected wife to understand that answer. She's not interested in being too far away from Mama, and he's not interested in being cold.

So I pressed farther. "Besides Alaska, where is the last place you'd ever want to live?"

She didn't miss a beat, and said exactly what I expected she would say.

"El Reno, Oklahoma."

That's where she grew up. She's not interested in going back except to visit. I guess they're right - you can't go back home.

So she turned the question on me. "Where's the last place you would ever want to live?"

Mine was easy: Norman, Oklahoma, and for less noble reasons than hers. I'm just not a big fan of a particular college sports team that calls Norman its home. They're our arch rivals. I was taught as a child never to say the word "Sooner," and spent my formative years honestly thinking "Sooner" was the "S-word."

So I laughed today when I sent a resume to a church with an opening in... you guessed it... Norman, Oklahoma.

It was a novelty send, really. I'm not very qualified for the job they're seeking to hire, and probably won't get past the first cycle of passing around the resume. But it's a church where some exciting things seem to be happening.

Immediately after I sent the resume, I received a reply from their executive pastor. It read (in part):

"We are really excited to hear from you...I plan to send you and several others anapplication by e-mail tomorrow morning. We also plan to pray specificallyfor you and God's direction in this matter. Have a great day!"

Now as much as it pains me to admit that anything good could come from Norman (:)), I have to applaud this church for its professionalism.

They may never read my resume again. They may be secretly laughing that anyone from Stillwater would dare apply for a position there. But their response was quick, encouraging, and let me know what the next step in our "relationship" was.

Not too shabby... for a church near the home of Zero-U.