What's On?

I've been pedal to the metal trying to finish up a huge Hebrew paper on the book of Ruth. I just hit "print," and realized that someone bet me lunch I wouldn't post three times to my blog this week after I promised I was back. Never one to back down from a challenge, here you go:

One of Kari and my favorite things to do together is to relax on the couch and watch TV. Since we don't get to do a lot of relaxing, and certainly don't get to relax on a routine schedule, the invention of the DVR has saved our marriage. Okay, not really, but it's a great invention that everyone needs in their home. We set it to record all the events we want to be sure not to miss, and it records them for us - even when they change nights without warning. Then, we fast-forward through the commercials and watch an hour-long show in about 45 minutes. (We don't like to waste time when we're relaxing!)

We're die-hard 24 fans. During the season, our schedules revolve around making sure we have time to watch 24 on the night it's on. In fact, it's the only show we feel like we have to watch on the night a new episode comes out because everyone and their dog is talking about it the next day. We've been known to stay up much later than normal so that we can be sure to catch a new episode of 24.

But 24 isn't on until January, so we have to have other shows to fill our time. Here's what's on in the Freeland house right now:

1. Six Degrees - This one's new this year. So far, it's a pretty good drama about six people who have random connections to each other. The story line keeps bringing them closer together, so I assume at some point they're all going to meet. It doesn't hurt that Erika Christensen is a very "likeable" character, and Kari says the same for Jay Hernandez.

2. The Nine - The jury is still out on this show. A group of nine people get stuck in a bank during a bank robbery. The relationship that they form sticks with them even after they're let out of a hostage situation. I think I would like this show better if it took place during the hostage situation. I could use a little less of the romance and a little more of the action. As it is, from episode to episode the show reveals more about what happened inside the bank to help forge the relationships these nine people now share.

3. Grey's Anatomy - I watch this show because I'm a good husband, and for no other reason. Grey's Anatomy is like a hybrid between ER and Days of Our Lives. Kari loves it, and I tolerate it. That's about the best I can say. I do question the believability of an entire hospital staff sleeping with one another, and none of them ever contracts a STD. You'd think doctors would be a little more careful about their promiscuity. But I guess that adds to the drama of the show. I'm not a big fan.

4. The Office - Kari watches this show because she's a good wife, and for no other reason. Actually, I think she secretly likes it because she always protests when I watch it without her. This is the only show on television, past or present with the exception of Seinfeld of which I can watch reruns alone in my house and still laugh hysterically. If you've ever worked in an office environment of any kind, you'll see the people you used to work with in these characters. (Is it a coincidence that Drew and Dwight start with the same letter? I think not.)

5. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - This show strikes a perfect balance for Kari and I. She loves it because of the ooey gooey story lines and the cool home accessories that Ty Pennington and crew picks out for needy families. I love it because it gets me excited about ministry. Why should secular TV networks be doing a better job of identifying needs and serving the community than the church? We can do that.

And a note for Tim Stevens who looooves NBC's Studio 60. Man, I've tried and tried to find something to like about this show, even trying it again after your recommendations, but I just can't do it. I'm a huge Matthew Perry fan, but even he isn't enough to carry the show. Maybe those of you who love this show are seeing something I'm missing. If so, I'd love to hear your perspective.


Tim Stevens said...

There is a higher level of intelligence required for this show. Just kidding! Actually, you might be more normal than I am since the show has gone from 14 million to 7 million viewers. I still love it though. Greatest combination of quality concept, writing, and acting that I've seen in a long time.

chloeadele said...

First, I am a member at FBCN and have been searching out various pastors' blogs and enjoying myself from the comfort of my own home. I like yours because you actually write on a regular basis! Forgive me for boldly intruding into your comments section.

Second, why is LOST not on this list? I can't see how you've missed LOST, since it's the best show ever! by the way, I'm a huge Jack-Bauer-Power-Hour fan too.

If you haven't seen LOST, it's ok, we forgive you. But you should do yourself a favor and run to blockbuster and rent the first two seasons and watch them over a weekend. then proceed to enjoy the new season on now.

ok, enough intruding. Also wanted to add that I've been enjoying your addition to the worship music recently. God Bless.

Chris Freeland said...

No intrusion at all. Glad you responded!

To be honest, we missed the first season of Lost and felt - well, lost ever since. We got the first season for Christmas but have been scared to death to get in to it because we're afraid that we'll end up with another obsessive-compulsive show like 24, and I'm frankly afraid I wouldn't sleep at night.

Since you recommend it so highly, we might have to break down. But if I stop showing up at church, you'll have to call Lost Anonymous and get me checked into a rehab program.

Drew said...

I would like to file a formal complaint about the aforementioned "Drew - Dwight" association. Shame on you... and by the way, I've got a load of work for you to do tomorrow morning. Gonna be a long day Chris, a really long day!! ;)