My friend (and boss) Drew likes to give me a hard time for being a Cowboy. You see, he's Canadian, and has something of an inferiority complex about us Americans.

Well, apparently someone let him into the eggnog too early. I found the following video of him online:

Crazy Canadian


chloeadele said...

That was hysterical!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the funny idea. I've been making them of all my friends and family and sending them. I'm sooo on Santa's naughty list this year!


Drew said...

My (former) friend Chris and (soon to be unemployed) co-worker seems to get his holiday jollies by placing my face on a dancing elf. Now, who exactly got into the eggnog early this year?

Thanks Chris, that was funny - and a good burn too. Looks like its my turn to take the ice... watch out for the cross check.