I Love These People...

Kari and I will be leaving tonight to be a part of a leadership retreat in Tyler, TX. We're excited about the opportunity to spend some time with the people of Grace Bible Church Palestine at that retreat. In addition, we're going live with a couple of big new programs at the church on Sunday. Add those together and you get my excuse for not blogging this week.

It's a sorry excuse for a post to post an excuse as a post, so maybe I can make things better. I saw this about a year ago, but Todd at MMI just reminded me of it. Check out my buddy John Daker singing an incredible medly of some of my favorite songs.


What's funny is, this kind of thing doesn't surprise me at all. Growing up in Columbia, Missouri there was a show that rivaled this one. Slim and Zella Mae singing southern gospel hits. Sweet people, I'm sure, but wow.