Scary Stewardship

I'm out of my usual morning blog routine this week and last because of a class I'm taking that has me on the road during "normal blogging hours."

This morning during that class we had a neat side conversation about the stewardship of power. I'm interested in what you think.

The idea is this: God has given us four primary things to steward. Those things are (1) money, (2) power, (3) sexuality, and (4) fame.

All four things are a-moral. That is, there is nothing good or bad about any of those four things. They can be used for good or used for bad. All four things are also terrifying to most people.

When we're scared of things, we don't talk about them. And when we don't talk about things we can't "steward" them appropriately. Our failure to put emphasis on the area of money, power, sexuality and fame has caused us as Christians (by and large) to be bad stewards of all four.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Would you add to the list or take away from it? If you agree, how can we be better stewards of those things?


C and P McKinzie said...

I would add "time" to that list.