Moses or Aaron?

This one's for the pastors who read my blog.

Last week in my One-Year-Bible, I was reading the story of Moses' conversation with God in the burning bush. You know how it goes: God tells Moses to go to Pharaoh, and Moses has every excuse in the book why God should choose someone else.

Finally, exasperated with Moses, God says "Fine... What about your brother Aaron? He speaks well. You talk to him and put the words in his mouth" (Exodus 4:14-15)

God works out a deal. God will speak to Moses and Moses will tell the more accomplished communicator what to say so that he can do the public speaking.

Here's the question: In your heart of hearts, if given the choice would you rather be Moses or Aaron? Would you choose communication from God or captivation of others?


Kitty said...

is that really a fair question?
is Aaron's role only a captive?
is the Aaronic priesthood a lessor role?

the "books of Moses" may well come from "moses" point of view.