Job and Value

Wherever you work/serve there are two things you should contribute: (1) The job you're paid to do, and (2) the value you bring to the organization.

Most of the time, the two things overlap but not completely. Especially if you're not at the top of the organizational chart.

Your job description is what you are given. It reflects some of your gifts and talents, but almost never the full spectrum of value you can bring to the organization. People who advance in leadership and responsibility are people who add value to the organization above and beyond their own specific area.

However, the opportunity to bring extra value to the organization is earned, not owed. You have to be invited to add value outside your area.  If you move too quickly to speak into areas that are not expected of you, you are more likely to be seen as a contrarian, idealist, or person who over-steps.

The very best leaders - the people who advance - are those who earn trust by doing their job well, and then pounce on opportunities to add extra value in areas outside of the job description.