Come and See?

Because of my compulsive problem with boxes I mentioned yesterday, I often have a hard time describing our church to other people.

We've got a lot in common with "missional" churches, but everyone talkin' 'bout missional ain't going there...

We've got a lot in common with traditional Bible Churches, though I don't use an overhead projector, don't wear a suit, and can't remember the last time I parsed a Greek word from the platform.

We've got a lot in common with non-denominational churches, though not the pew-jumping, snake-handling kind.

You get the picture.

This past week I stumbled on something that gets at a piece of who we are. It doesn't totally characterize us (it isn't a box), but I think it's fairly helpful. Someone asked me if we were an "attractional" church. Obviously, I shunned the box. But, I said this: "Rather than a Come and See church, we want to be a Go With Us church."

Our heart is that the very best ministry we do will never happen "in here." We want to do great ministry "in here," but that's not what is attractive about us. If you really want to see what's attractive about us as a church, go with us.