Why Shepherds? Part 1

Luke 2:8-20 is a familiar part of the Christmas story. There were shepherds living in the fields, watching over their flocks at night when a host of angels fill up the night sky and announce that a Savior is born who is Christ the Lord. They were "sore" afraid. 

Did you ever stop to wonder, why shepherds? 

Jesus was born a king, but God didn't pull back the sky to reveal the angelic host for Herod, who found out in a roundabout way through some wise men/astrologers from another land. 

Jesus was born the Jewish Messiah, but the Scriptures don't record any angelic visits to Pharisees or Sadducees.

The heavenly choir sang a command performance for a few hired-hands and a bunch of sheep. 

Why? Why shepherds?

I think there's a really good reason shepherds (and these shepherds in particular) get such a prominent place in the Christmas story. Their appearance isn't just coincidental, or filler in the story. The shepherds were intentional, and send a really powerful message for leaders every time we think about the Christmas story. 

Stay tuned this week. 


Anonymous said...

You're stealing my Christmas Eve message - stop it!

Chris Freeland said...

Drew, I'm writing your Christmas Eve message. You're welcome. ;)