Stories and Relativism

Someone recently introduced me to Daniel Taylor, a professor of literature and writing at Bethel University in Minnesota, and expert on "stories." He spoke at the Desiring God conference for John Piper in 2008.

I just started his book "Tell Me a Story: The Life-Shaping Power of Our Stories," and watched his lecture above. So far, it's great stuff.

One of Taylor's stellar points right off the bat in "Tell Me a Story" is with regard to stories and relativism. Postmodern/relativistic  thought often argues that "My story is my story; my truth is my truth; your truth is your truth and shouldn't judge my story."

I love what Taylor says about relativism: "Such an attitude encourages us to be spectators rather than characters. It cuts the link between my story and your story. Story rejects that severance. It recognizes that our stories are interwoven. We cannot live our story alone because we are characters in each other's stories. What you do is part of my story; what I do is part of yours. Such an awareness encourages shared understandings and shared commitments that are central to a meaningful contented life."


Jessica said...

He's gotta be good if he's from Bethel!;) I heard him speak in chapel, but never had him as a prof. I'll have to pick up his book when I make it back to the states.