One of the things we're working hard on at McKinney is doing a better job celebrating the incredible things God is doing.

When you create a culture of celebration, you tend to do more of those things and you establish constant reminders that God is at work even though we don't always see Him working. Celebrations are like the little tick marks on a growth chart that remind you you're making progress even when you don't feel any different.

So, we're trying to do a better job celebrating everything; from stories of how God is working in individual lives to corporate "wins" that represent God's provision for our entire church.

I've learned that people (all of us) have to be coached and reminded of both how and what to celebrate. So, we're working on that.

One of our big goals was articulated pretty well by our Executive Pastor the other day: We want to be better at celebrating conversions than touchdowns.

For a church in Texas, that would be a monumental achievement.


Tiffany said...

love this. winced watching the congregation struggle to practice it. wondering what it says about our hearts when celebrating changed eternities is difficult. wonder what it says about our worship...