So here we are...

I'm typing today's blog from my new office at Fellowship Bible Church North in Plano.

Life is good, except for the acute bronchitis and lung infection the doctor diagnosed me with this morning. I've already hacked up my left lung, so after the right one follows I think I'll feel better. But I didn't think it would be good to call in sick for my first day of work. (That's usually frowned upon).

Later in the week, I'll be blogging about prophets for hire. It was a problem for Micah, and seems to be a problem with America's philosophy of the church today as well. I'm also working on a philosophy of ministry success that I'd like to hang out here to dry. I'm seeking to answer the question of what it means to truly be successful in ministry in light of a recent study in the major and minor prophets. For many of the prophets, success was failure. Truly following God's will meant nobody would listen to them or respond to the message. How does that relate to what we're called to do today?

For now, I'm going to the bathroom to cough so the other guys in the office don't hate me my first day on the job.