Normally I'm one who hates these kinds of things, but I must be feeling gratuitous today because I've filled out two of them in a twelve hour period. This is it though, no more. Don't bother emailing me your forwards - I have my email set to automatically delete anything with "FW:" in the subject line. But because Lisa is a loyal reader and commenter, I guess I'll oblige. But I refuse to tag anyone else except Drew since he sent me one of these forwards earlier today.

I’ve been tagged. I was asked to share 7 little known facts about myself and then ‘tag’ 7 others. The only problem is trying to come up with 7 things my blabber mouth hasn’t already told you all!

1. I don't like dessert. Seriously. My favorite desserts in the world are blackberry cobbler and my mom's caramel apple pie, but when it comes right down to it I'd rather eat a second helping of the main course than eat dessert. It works out well, since Kari is the exact opposite.

2. I don't sing in the shower. I sing everywhere else, and was even paid to sing at some points in my life, but I'm not a big shower singer. It's honestly because I'm afraid someone will hear me singing in the shower, even though I don't mind them hearing me sing at other places.

3. One of my biggest phobias - if you can call it that - is drinking after people. I'll kiss my wife, but I won't drink after her. It gives me the willies just thinking about it. Don't ask why. I think it's the whole backwash thing, but the whole idea grosses me out.

4. I hate working out, but like being in decent shape. So, I bribe myself with little things throughout the day in order to force myself to do other things that I like. For example: I do fifty pushups every morning before I get in the shower. If I do my fifty pushups, I let myself drink a Coke on the way to work. If not, it's water all day.

5. I looove yard work. I've been miserable for the last 18 months in an apartment where we pay someone else to do our yard work for us. We're moving into a new house next weekend, and I can't wait to move in because I'll get to mow the yard. I've even tried to scheme a way to get to the house before the movers so I can mow the yard before they get there. Yep, I'm sick.

6. I sang first soprano until my Junior year of high school. Two hundred years ago, I would have been rich beyond belief for keeping a high voice so late. This way, I just got tougher.

7. I eat Taco Bueno at least 5 times per week. I know where every Taco Bueno is within a ten mile radius of my house, school, office, and new office. That's right - I checked out TacoBueno.com to get the lay of the land before I even signed the job offer letter. I love that place.


chloeadele said...

I love yard work too. I had spent all last Saturday coming up with design plans for my 'future' backyard. (I want a backyard sooo bad!) And the next day, Drew shares about being content with what you have and not being materialistic. I have no sense of balance in my life because I spent the rest of Mother's Day thinking I was somehow letting the world down by wanting more than I currently have.

oh yeah, and "Yo Quero Taco Bell"

uh oh! Now I'm on your list, aren't I?

Thanks for obliging.

Brandon Buie said...

Taco Bueno five times a week? All you're doing is eating plastic that 's been flavored like Mexican. Forget the pushups, you're going to be dead before you turn 35. I highly suggest switching to Braum's.

Chris Freeland said...

Everything will kill ya man. Eggs are good for you, then they'll kill you. Coffee will kill you, now it's good for you.

Think of it this way: I'm on the fast-food bandwagon before they even realize it's good for you.

Brandon Buie said...

I could have told you a long time ago that coffee was good for you.