UFC and Me

What do I have in common with Dana White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship? (My mom will be so proud!)

Besides the obvious hairline similarities, and the fact that his biceps measure roughly the same as my thighs, nothing... except that Ryan Dobson talked about both of us on his podcast this past Monday. Granted, White gets the lion's share of the broadcast, but at least I got a mention.

Who knew evangelism on the golf course could be the application for a podcast about UFC?

If you have a couple of minutes, check out Ryan's site. He's doing some really great stuff in the area of helping young men be men. I could blog for weeks about the problem of pacificity in today's men, Dobson is doing something about it.

Thanks for the discussion Ryan. I'm jealous to not be a teenager anymore - the man camp sounds like a blast.


Ryan said...

Chris, Man Camp is for those between 18 and 35. This time around since it's my first I even have someone 38 whos coming. I've got a few open spots if you're really interested. info@korministries.com
And, thanks again for the blog, it's awesome.