Sometimes we feel as though the world is worse than it has ever been. We get discouraged because we feel like we're only one person, and our voice is soft in a sea of sound. Then we open the Bible and see the book of Genesis. The world is in chaos, the people are evil, and along comes a man named Abraham. He's no saint, but he's faithful to what God calls him to do, and God uses him to be the father of a nation who will represent God. 

We flip to Exodus and see that God's plan was about to go in the toilet. God's people didn't have a voice. They were in slavery under the rule of an awful Pharoah, and along comes a man named Moses. 

The world got worse again, and lost its moral compass. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes, and God called Deborah, and then Gideon and Samson, and then Samuel... The one who represented the nation was evil and corrupt, and God called David.  

The race was on the verge of extinction and then there was Esther, or Daniel, or Nehemiah.

God's in the business of using one person to do significant things... especially when things look bad. Could He use you?  


lisa said...

what a powerful truth! thanks for the reminder!