Don't know if you saw this story from the end of last week, but I thought it was pretty cool. The short of it is: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo decided to go see a movie last week, and passed a homeless guy on the way in. Romo offered to buy the guy a movie ticket to give him a break from holding a sign by the street - something businesses in the DFW area do to advertise while giving homeless people some cash. 

When they got into the movie, Romo insisted that the homeless guy (Doc) sit with he and his friends. Doc sheepishly told Tony that he hadn't had a shower in several days but Tony persisted, telling the homeless man that he was "used to locker rooms." 

To me, the best part of the story is that after the incident it was the homeless man who reported the story to the news media. Romo corroborated the story, but refused to elaborate. This isn't the first time Romo has done something like this. And on each occasion, Tony has refused to comment. It doesn't seem to be about press and headlines. 

I don't know for sure where Romo is at spiritually, though I have a friend who knows him and says he is a Christ follower. I sincerely hope he is a believer, if for no other reason than if he's not it would put Christians everywhere to shame. 

I mean, it's different if Romo gives the guy a car. None of us could financially have done that. But a $10 movie ticket to make someone else's day? I'll spend that much money on junk food in the next two days. But am I willing to go out of my way to look for opportunities to make someone else's day and point them to Jesus? 

I am today, thanks to Tony's example. The homeless guy standing outside Taco Bueno at lunchtime today is going to be a very happy man. 


Brenda Liniger said...

Awesome story, I hadn't heard it yet but it is great to hear this time of year!

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