Books in my Queue

It's Thursday after a long week and I'm fried without much to say. So, here is a look at some of the books in my stack to read in the near future. I'm reading a lot for classes these days; that's the reason for the trends. In no particular order:

The Future of Leadership - Bennis, Spreitzer, and Cummings
The Leader of the Future - Hesselbein and Goldsmith
The Leader of the Future 2 - Hesselbein and Goldsmith
Joy at Work - Bakke
Shift - Haynes
reSymbol - Dees
What We Can't Not Know - Budziszewski
Any of those I should put at the front of the line?


Mike and Debbie said...

Brothers We are Not Professionals, The Good News we Almost Forgot and Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow would be my top 3...but that's just me. :) Enjoy your reading.