Sunday, I got to preach out of John 21. I mentioned it in the sermon, but for those of you who don't attend McKinney (or slept through the sermon), I'll spare you having to go back and watch it online.

If you remember the story, it takes place about a week after Jesus rose from the dead. Several of the disciples head back to Galilee and decide to go fishing (they were fishermen before Jesus called them). They had fished all night and hadn't caught anything. Jesus shows up on the shore about 100 yards away and asks them if they had caught anything. "No," they reply. So, He tells them to cast their net on the other side and they haul in so many fish they can't get the nets back in the boat.

The whole chapter is absolutely rich - we didn't even scratch the surface Sunday - but my favorite part happens in verses 9 and 10.

Jesus calls the guys to shore and invites them to breakfast. He already has fish grilling over a charcoal fire for breakfast (v. 9) but invites them to bring the fish they've caught (v. 10).

Jesus didn't need their fish. He already had fish on the grill, and had shown in Mark 6 that he didn't need many fish to feed a whole lot of people.

He didn't need their fish, but chose to use them anyway.

I think a lot of times Christians treat our obedience/service to Christ as if God needs what we have to offer. But if we don't show up, it isn't as if God will be wringing His hands wondering what to do. He doesn't need what we bring to the table - but often He chooses to use it. Even when He provided it in the first place.


Kara said...

It was one great sermon! Convicted me greatly...even though I am "just" a stay at home mom...God can use me where I am at! It keeps rolling through my head even today! Thanks!

lisa said...

Like when I let my kids help me unload the dishwasher. I don't need them to help me, but boy, do they get a kick out of being useful! Seems to solidify their position in our family in a way. God certainly doesn't need my meager offering to accomplish His will, but He's so sweet, He lets me play a part so that I can identify with His family. Such love.

Mike and Debbie said...

I love the picture you've painted using these verses...the disciples coming on shore with their fish to eat--have fellowship--with Jesus and how He didn't need what they had to offer but invites them to bring it anyway. Then you take it further to show how God doesn't need my obedience or service but chooses to use it. What really struck me is that when I'm willing to obey and give Him what I have to offer--what He asks of me--I enjoy such sweet fellowship with Him. When I withhold that and walk in disobedience, He can still accomplish His work (without me) but I miss out on that fellowship...that time of eating fish along the shore. Such a beautiful picture!