Journeys and Maps

Yesterday we talked about Joshua 1 together as our church begins to step "Beyond the Known." One of the things that is clear about the first few chapters of Joshua is how many times God charges the people of Israel to "remember" and "obey" His commands.

Any time we travel into unknown territory, we are wise to commit to the perspective of someone for whom that territory is not unknown.

We do it on vacation - we search out maps and travel guides and websites to help make sure we make the most of our trip.

And that's just it - guides, maps and commands aren't just to keep us from getting off the path or getting in trouble. They often help us maximize the journey.

As we're walking through life, the question isn't just "What are the bare minimum things I need to do (or not do) to keep from getting in trouble." The question is is "What are the things I will miss if I don't follow Jesus?"


lisa said...

Ooh! I like that!