My Yesterday

Had a great time yesterday with my father-in-law and brother-in law, as well of some of their friends from Oklahoma. We drove to Lake Texhoma and did some striper fishing.

I love to fish, but this is definitely my kind of fishing. You go out with a guide who takes you to where the fish are, baits your hook for you and hands you a pole. You drop the bait in the water, reel up two rotations, and then fight the fish to the boat. When it gets to the boat, the guide scoops it out of the water, takes it off the hook, rebaits your hook, and puts the fish in a cooler. When you get back to the marina, he cleans your catch and hands you little baggies to take home and eat. All the fun stuff with none of the mess.

Wouldn't it be nice if all kinds of fishing were that easy? (Matthew 4:19)

We were on the lake at 5:45, and caught our limit by 9am. That's a pretty good day. Plus, I've got a great father-in-law and brother-in-law, so it was fun to have a little time with them.

I'd write more, but I'm putting the finishing touches on a sermon for this Sunday. We left the set up from Stampede - our middle school equivalent to Vacation Bible School on steroids - so it should be pretty fun to read the bulletin tab "prayer requests" on Monday morning. If anyone asks, it was Ken Horton's idea.

Have a great weekend.


Phil Johnson said...

Is that a picture of fish you actually caught, or a wish you borrowed from someone else's photo album? Because if you truly had a hand in catching that many keeper-size stripers in half a morning, well done. I'm impressed.

About 4 months ago I spent half a day fishing Lake Murray (like you, with a guide and everything), but though we kept catching fish, only three of them were longer than my hand.

Chris Freeland said...

Yeah, believe it or not, I took that picture of our fish with my iPhone just before they were beheaded. (eat 'em up, yum!)

Our problem was finding enough fish small enough to keep - if they're over 20 inches they make you throw all but 2 back so they can continue to spawn. If you get into a real mess of big ones, they're fun to catch but you can't keep them.

chloeadele said...

wow nice haul!!!

I love fishing. We hope to take the kids this summer.

and the dr. demento reference - you just got cooler. :)

Chris Freeland said...

as if "cooler" was possible...

Honestly, I thought Phil would be the only person to get the Dr. D reference. Maybe my brother. Glad to know there are other Demento Devotees out there.

Dan said...

At first glance, I read "stripper fishing."

That would have been a lot more interesting.

Phil Johnson said...

Got the Dr. D. reference. Well played. It made me start humming "Dead Puppies" to the beagle. He was not amused.

Kara said...

Don't you love that dad goes at least once a year and has even conned the non fisher Cory to go at times. Looks like you all did good!

Brandon Buie said...

Did you catch all of those using my suggestion of the dynamite or the electric phone crank?