The Self-Paparazzi

I guess I'm not a "cool" blogger anymore. The newest rage for "cool" bloggers (Tony Morgan, Tim Stevens, Mark Batterson, Ben Arment, et al...) is to Twitter.

Twitter is a new service that allows people to enter brief sentences into their cell phone or computer that answer the question "what are you doing?" Other people are able to subscribe to your Twitter feed and get little messages that pop up on their computer screen every time you do something twitter worthy. It's like Instant Messenger without having to talk to anyone.

There is just nothing about Twitter that appeals to me personally.

I have a hard enough time blogging every day, thinking that I have any kind of opinions or ideas that are worth sharing on a regular basis. I find it stranger still that if statcounter is right, there are a couple-hundred of you who read my ramblings every day. (Maybe it's like the car accident by the side of the road - you know you shouldn't look at the carnage, but just can't help yourself...). But I find it absolutely impossible to believe that anyone else out there actually cares (or needs to know) "what I'm doing right now."

- Brushing my teeth 6:02 AM June 24, 2008 from home
- Tearing off the toilet paper 6:23 AM June 24, 2008 from home
- Turning the key in my ignition 6:26 AM June 24, 2008 from home
- Taking a pen out of my desk 6:43 AM June 24, 2008 from work
- Twittering 6:52 AM June 24, 2008 from work bathroom

Here's my thinking: If I become important enough that everyone needs to know exactly what I'm doing at any given moment, I figure some magazine somewhere will send paparazzi to follow me. Until then, you're just going to have to use your imagination.


Dave said...

Twitter is pretty cool. It sounds like you don't "get" it yet. That's ok, I didn't get it either until I tried it.

Honestly, if you were to twitter all that boring stuff, I wouldn't follow you. ;-)

Brenda Liniger said...

Pretty impressive that you can get from the seated position in the bathroom to the seated position in the pick up in 3 minutes,,,I am in awe.

Chrissieme said...

interesting...I had no idea you owned a mobile toilet. Good to know.

Jill said...

I agree with you, though maybe I'm on old dog and just haven't learned THAT new trick yet. I try to keep up on things that will make me more efficient and effective in ministry, but when I think of some of the historical amazing people of faith and how we would explain Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, email, texting and all the rest, I'm afraid they'd have to say, "That's why your prayer life is so pitiful!" I enjoy your blog. Mine is titled similarly.