I've spoken before about some of my heroes. I got an email yesterday concerning one of them that I wanted to point you towards. 

JB Bond is the pastor at Countryside Church in Stillwater, OK. He's the pastor who took a chance on an arrogant, immature, unprepared, thoroughly green kid, and gave me my first ministry position while I was still in college (He was either completely undiscerning, or completely desperate). 

When I walked on campus at Oklahoma State University in the Fall of 1998, I didn't have any idea how to look for a church. My family went to the same Baptist church for my entire childhood. That church was going through some tough times, so I wasn't even sure I wanted to be "Baptist" anymore. But I didn't know where else to start. I asked my RA where the Baptist Church was. He took me to Countryside, introduced me to JB, and I never went anywhere else.  

JB's passion for the Scriptures is contagious. Scores of men and women have passed through Countryside, many of them with a passion and knowledge of the Scriptures they never had before.  I'm just one of those people. 

JB taught me that I could understand how the Bible fits together. He taught me how to study the Scriptures, how to teach them, and how to think through difficult theological issues. And if you know JB, you know he did all those things at 100 miles per hour. He isn't perfect, but he's really darn good.  

Dallas Seminary honored JB yesterday by sending a video to alumni and friends of the Seminary, highlighting his ministry. If you're interested in meeting one of my heroes (or, for some of you, seeing one of your heroes too), it's worth watching. 

I'm proud of JB, and thank God every day for sending him across my path. I'm very confident I wouldn't be a pastor today if he hadn't pushed me, taught me, encouraged me, and sharpened me in this direction. 

It's important to recognize the people God sends into your life at critical times to be used by Him in molding, shaping, and empowering your walk in a positive direction. It's important to have heroes. Who are yours?


Kara said...

I love JB and what he taught us while we were at Countryside. Also how he inspired you to teach us a few things too! We are so thankful to have that foundation as college students and it really helped us as we moved to find a church that taught the scripture! I can't wait to see the video and share it with Cory!