Leadership is about Faithfulness

Leadership is about faithfulness before it's about leadership. 

A significant part of my role at McKinney Church is leadership development. In fact, it's core to our philosophy that every pastor is primarily about leadership development. Sometimes that involves developing people for formal leadership positions like small group leadership. Sometimes it involves developing people for informal leadership positions in their schools or places of business. 

In either case, the successful leader has to be faithful in non-leadership before they can ever be successful in leadership. 

I would never consider a person for a formal leadership position who isn't demonstrating faithfulness in some arena already. Likewise, I'm not going to waste my time developing/mentoring people toward leadership who can't demonstrate faithfulness to something. 

A lot of people think they're gifted in leadership, but that they're only able to exercise that gift in a formal position. That's baloney. Likewise, there are a lot of people out there looking for mentors who aren't faithful kind of people. Those people aren't going to amount to anything as leaders because they can't be trusted.

Before leadership is about leading, leadership is about faithfulness. If you're not a faithful person, you're not going to be a faithful leader.