Finishing Well

I was going to post something else about leadership economics today, but just had a nursing home visit that I have to tell you about instead. 

I went and visited a 90 year old member of our church who is in an assisted living center here in Fort Worth. It is always a treat to get to visit Mrs. Helm, and today was no different. Everything she says is profound, but one particular piece of the conversation today shook me to the core.

Mrs. Helm is struggling with her eyesight these days. She's fought glaucoma for a few years and the drops she puts in her eyes to hold off the disease have started to lose their effectiveness. And that's hard for her because she's a voracious reader. She reads through the Bible several times per year, and has a Bible Study plan that puts mine to shame. She's in a nursing home, but went on and on about how she's applying Scripture to her life.

Towards the end of the visit, I told Mrs. Helm I'd like to pray for her, and asked if there was anything specific I could pray for. Here's what she said: 

"It would be a real blessing if God would allow my eyesight to last as long as I do. My times in His Word are so sweet, I just can't imagine having to give them up. Then again, if God does choose to take my eyesight from me, I'm absolutely confident those times will be sweet as well. Pray that I'll have the perspective to keep my head up and finish well." 

Silly me, praying for her. She needs to be praying for me. 


Kara said...

She is one amazing woman! I can definitely learn from her words! Thanks for the lesson!

lisa said...