In the Beginning...

We have a 4-week Thursday night worship service for young singles every quarter. It's a great chance for young singles to worship together, and to connect their friends with what God is doing in Fort Worth. It's also the time I've used to teach more topical lessons - over the past year we've been primarily expository in everything else we've done. 

We're starting a new series tonight called "Ultimate Questions," thinking through the 4 critical questions that every person answers throughout their life. And, the way we answer those questions will shape the course of our lives. So it should be fun. 

Want to know what the questions are? You'll have to show up tonight, or send a young single person in Fort Worth to spy it out for you. 

I will tell you that tonight I'm teaching from Genesis 1. 

Have you ever asked yourself why Genesis 1 is the first chapter in the Bible? Most of us probably assume it's there for chronological purposes. It makes sense to start the book at the very "beginning." 

That's partially the case, but I'm convinced that there's a lot more to it than that. The fact that God was "in the beginning," and "created the heavens and the earth" informs every single other letter throughout the rest of the Bible. Genesis 1 establishes God's sovreignty over the entire creation. The other several-hundred chapters in the Bible explain what is the appropriate response to Genesis 1:1. 


chloeadele said...

oh come on. i wanna know the questions, and my spies are all on vacation.

at least that's their cover...

i could always guess and see how close I am, but I seriously doubt that "would you like fries with that?" made your list.

BurritoJimmy said...

The question why is there something rather than nothing is nonsensical. Either something exists or nothing exists. Saying nothing exists is merely a conglomoration of words; not a logical concept. It's contradictory, since if nothing exists then something does in fact exist. Anyway...good job last night. I enjoy the Thursday night sessions.

Chris Freeland said...

Thanks BurritoJimmy.

Actually, I think the question "Is there something rather than nothing" would be nonsensical. Of course there's something. The question we tried to answer was, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" Are we here by accident, or are we here intentionally, and what does that mean to the way we live our lives?

Glad you're here... (or there...)