Gut Leadership

A lot of what I do as a young leader is instinctive. Sometimes an idea works, sometimes it doesn't. But I'm not always sure why I do what I do - there isn't a specific principle I'm working from, I just rely on my gut. The gut is a pretty important tool for a young leader. Sometimes you're able to feel things before you're able to explain them.
Of course, the gut can be dangerous, because it isn't always logical. You have to trust your gut, but never alone. The best young leaders I know surround themselves with more seasoned leaders, ask as many questions as they can (Proverbs 15:22), and take copious notes. They also pay attention to what they're doing, and make it their aim to never repeat mistakes. 

One of the responsibilities I feel as a young leader is to take good notes on the lessons I'm learning. In fact, that's the primary reason for this blog. As I go, and as the stakes get higher, I want to be able to better define my gut. The blog forces me to move leadership principles and lessons from my gut to my brain and out my fingers. It forces me to be logical, and helps me remember what I'm learning. I could keep a journal, but then I wouldn't worry about anyone else reading my thoughts, and I wouldn't be as careful. 

If you're reading my blog, you're helping me manage my gut. Thanks.