Day with a Perfect Stranger

A Day with a Perfect Stranger, by David Gregory is the sequel to the fictional book "Dinner with a Perfect Stranger." "Dinner with a Perfect Stranger" is a book about a man named Nick who is struggling through a crisis of faith, and ends up at dinner with Jesus. It sounds like a far-fetched plot, but it works.

"A Day with a Perfect Stranger" is the story of Nick's wife Mattie. It seems the fact that Mattie's husband claims to have had dinner with Jesus has thrown their marriage into a bit of a tizzy. She leaves for a business trip to Tuscon, hoping to use the time to ponder her next step in the relationship which she is fairly certain will be a step out the door. But on the airplane, she meets the nicest Man...

"A Day with a Perfect Stranger" contains help with the problem of evil, instruction on ultimate fulfillment, the character and attributes of God, the difference between religion and Christianity, and the meaning and purpose for creation... all in a fictional book you will be able to read during a one-hour lunch. I'm not a crier by nature, but the way this book ends turned me into a blubbering idiot.

"Dinner with a Perfect Stranger" and "Day with a Perfect Stranger" are great reads for people who want a little encouragement in their Christian life. They are also great reads for friends who are pondering Christianity but aren't quite ready to trust Christ. Both books are fictional, and not philosophical, but would be perfect for someone who is interested in spiritual Truth presented in an easy-to-read way.

These books are The Shack without the theological potholes. If you like theological fiction, you really ought to pick these books up. Trust me.


Mark Hancock said...

Thanks for the recommendations.

I've got a few college kids who enjoy theological fiction. It's hard for me to make these recommendations because I'm not in that season right now, so your review is helpful!

Grace and Peace,

Kara said...

okay, I am hooked...adding them to my never ending reading list!

btw - cory is finished with the book i was telling you about, and with some nagging, he will email you his thoughts. :)