I'm on my 5th iPhone, and even this iPhone isn't working properly. I'm having significant sync issues that the "Mac Genius" told me was a result of the fact that "Steve and Bill don't play well together." Great.

Even still, I love the technology. The thousands of apps available to the iPhone are wicked cool, and worth a little bit of trouble. I love the YouVersion Bible app from the guys at, and some of the other apps that allow you to do find your car in a parking lot, recognize a song and artist on the radio, or watch the weather radar in real time. Pretty cool.

Here's the deal: I'm looking for a flashcard app that will allow me to enter text on my computer, sync it with my iPhone, and have flashcards  on my iPhone. I want to use it for Bible memory, so it would be equally cool if it interfaced with YouVersion or another Bible app to copy verses onto flashcards on my iPhone. 

There are a couple of flashcard apps, but they require you to type the text onto the flashcard from the iPhone's typing pad, and that takes way too long. 

Any computer nerds out there who could help me out? 

One of my life goals is to memorize at least one verse from every chapter of the Bible. There are 1189 chapters, so if I do a verse a week I'm looking at around 22 years total to reach the goal. I'm already a few years into it, but am tired of keeping flashcards laying around. Flashcards are made out of paper, and I'm in the middle of a paper purge. Plus, I think the convenience would help me do more than a verse per week. 

Keep your eyes open. If you find something that would work, or can write an app that would work, I would be forever grateful. 


Anonymous said...

Our conversation this morning got me searching. Found an app called gWhiz+ (the free version, not the pro version) that I am testing. It says that you can create flashcards in Google docs and import them into your iPhone. Sah-weet! We'll see if it works.

FYI - they even offer a Google doc template on their website.

Enjoyed breakfast this morning man! Can't wait for Arkansas!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Does this make me a "computer nerd?"

Kitty said...

When Eugene Peterson argued for the Message Bible, he reminded us that if we took our favourite novel and numbered the sentences, we might find that we've lost the sense of the novel.Why not memorize great passages, whether they come from one (arbitrary) verse or one (arbitrary)chapter. just a thot, one pharisee to another.