Hodge - Reason for Mission

Every year in addition to my Bible reading I try to read through a different Systematic Theology book. It's a good way to keep me sharp on theology as well as to challenge my thinking in light of the views of other theologians.

This year I'm reading through Charles Hodge's Systematic Theology. Early in the work, he has this scathing rebuke of the Church when it comes to the objection that claiming Jesus is the only way to heaven is "unfair."

"In the gift of his Son, the revelation of his Word, the mission of the Spirit, and the institution of the Church, God has made abundant provision for the salvation of the world. That the Church has been so remiss in making known the gospel is her guilt. We must not charge the ignorance and consequent perdition of the heathen upon God. The guilt rests on us. We have kept to ourselves the bread of life, and allowed the nations to perish."

Good words. Unfortunately, it's not just the nations we've neglected; it's our neighborhoods too.