Resolutions Report

If you've followed me long, you know that I really love New Years Resolutions. I love a clean slate, the chance to set goals, and the opportunity to reflect and measure progress from a year gone by.

Last year, I set 4 resolutions:

1. Read through the Bible this year, and through the Old Testament twice.
2. Pour my life into 10 reproducers this year
3. Read at least 15 books that are 100 years old or older.
4. Run a half marathon.

Yesterday, my friend Andy Rodriguez thought to look back at the list and ask me how I did. Chump.

I guess if I'm going to post resolutions, I ought to be willing to take my lumps as well.

Actually, it was an okay year for resolution keeping. I completed the half-marathon last February and beat my goal time by several minutes. I've continued to run some and would love to do a full marathon once my kids are at an age where I have some margin to train.

Also, I'm really excited about some of the reproducers I've been able to connect with this year. I've met with more than 10 guys over the year, doing a life-on-life discipleship curriculum that I developed with a couple of guys at our church. That's something I'll continue, though I think I'm going to tweak my method of investing in guys; more on that in a later blog post.

The reading goals haven't fared so well. I did make it through the Bible this year, but only made it through the Old Testament once. And, I totally bombed on the books by dead guys. I think I only read 5, 33% of my goal.

I've got good excuses for falling short on the reading goals: I'm taking some post-graduate classwork that demanded several thousand pages worth of reading. And, my job situation changed early in the year, which, combined with the birth of another baby cannibalized a lot of my reading time. Even still, I hate falling short of a goal I set for myself.

This year, I've got similar goals to last year. I definitely want to go through the Bible again, want to continue an investment in reproducers, and plan to continue making time for exercise. But my classwork and preaching schedule will dictate my other reading goals.

2010 was a long, hard year, but I've got a great feeling about 2011.



Paul said...

don't you just hate it when your time gets cannibalized...

Andy Rodriguez said...

Thanks for sharing Chris. I was working on my goals for this year and reflecting on the ones from last year and remembered you also had some. Glad you mostly met the ones from last year.