Drive-By Opportunities

Our church building is located right next door to two of the biggest Jewish synagogues in Dallas/Fort Worth. We are less than a mile from a fairly large Muslim Mosque. Across the street to the North are homes that range in value from around $800,000 to 2 million dollars. Just South of us are apartments that are inhabited by low-income families.

After church on Sunday, our people drive by all kinds of opportunity on the way to do ministry.

Most of us do that in our neighborhoods too. Kari and I have neighbors on one side who are believers, but on the other side we have a lady who we've only seen a couple of times. Across the street are a neat couple who are a long way from Christ, and next door to them is a family that created their own religion.

And every morning I get up and drive past their homes in order to do ministry.

Sometimes I hate being a pastor because it keeps me from developing genuine relationships with people who don't know Jesus; they either shut-down or start confessing when they find out I'm a pastor. Other times, I realize that I've got all kinds of opportunities to share the gospel... I just drive past those opportunities on my way to do ministry.


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