Family Friday

Kari and I don't have a ton of "together" hobbies like some of my friends. Some of my friends love to cook together. Others like to work out together. Some of my friends like to communicate. Some of my friends like to play tennis together. But neither of us likes to cook. Neither of us likes to work out. Communication can lead to miscommunication, and I'm a sore loser at tennis.

One thing Kari and I do love to do is watch TV together. I can turn off my brain after a long day, and she gets to cuddle on the couch. So, it works out pretty well. Here are a few of the shows we're watching right now:

October Road: This is probably our favorite show to watch together. It's a little more drama than I usually go for, but I really like the characters and the way the show is shot. I'm not usually one to care about that stuff, but for some reason it matters to me on this show. October Road is off for right now, and the next episode hasn't been scheduled yet. But we're hoping it makes a return.

The Office: The first couple of episodes this season have been pretty slow, but usually the office is one of my favorite shows. I think the writers had too much time to think during the strike, and have begun developing meaningless characters rather than being funny. Hopefully they get back on track soon.

Lost: We were latecomers to Lost, and benefited a great deal from the catch-up episode a year or so ago. But we're hooked right now. This morning at Bible Study, my friend Erick was saying he'd prefer to just wait until they condense the whole mess into a 2 1/2 hour movie. That's probably smart. The writers are raising so many questions I'm not sure they could answer them in 10 years worth of episodes, but they say they're going to try so I'm going to watch.

Big Bang Theory: This one is new to our DVR. I heard about it from some fellow Office lovers who swore this show was funnier than the Office. It's funnier than the first two episodes of the Office this season, but isn't even close on a broad scale. It is funny though. Two genius physicists with no relational skills live next door to a beautiful blonde with everything they lack. The writing for this show is exceptional. Good, clean, smart humor.

Grey's Anatomy: Kari's favorite show. I watch it with her so she will let me watch shows that are actually good. What can I say? Our marriage is about sacrifice. Grey's is a primetime soap opera that throws in a good episode every fifth show or so to keep things interesting.

That's about it. Television has been pretty slim picking for the past year or so since 24 jumped the shark and then cancelled the season, 6 Degrees was cancelled, and the Bachelor turned out to be a womanizing Brit with skanky taste. So, our television taste is pretty mainstream these days. If you aren't watching some of these shows (especially October Road), you need to start so they don't cancel it. Otherwise, let us know if you've got any other recommendations.


chloeadele said...

Yeah, we all need to start watching LOST because it is sooo at risk of being cancelled. :) It's actually ridiculous how much I love that show.

I really enjoy 24, Big Bang Theory and the Office too. Brilliant writing. We also really like Boston Legal, but it's not clean. Not even a little. and yeah, I'm a Grey's fan. Makes me cry every stinking episode.

ooh I also love Chuck and Heroes. Can't wait for them to come back.

and don't you just love those dvr's for when life gets in the way of your tv watching time? :)

nick said...

how i met your mother-cbs

Chris Freeland said...

Lisa -

I totally forgot about Chuck because it's not on. We like that one too.

The Kinley's said...

Travis and I love to watch tv together too and now thanks to our DVR we can....we like Lost and The Office, so since I've convinced you that we have the same tastes I think you and Kari would like Carpoolers (Tues nights) and 30 Rock (Thurs nights). HILARIOUS!!