Had a good breakfast this morning with my buddy Brandon. Brandon and I go way back to our college days. In fact, last week I credited JB as being the one who first identified me as someone who had potential in ministry. That's only partially true. Brandon worked as an intern for JB at that point, and was the one responsible for convincing JB that I wasn't just a ministry leech who had no promise whatsoever.

Brandon is the only true-to-life hermit I've ever known. He had a cabin out by a lake where he lived on virtually nothing, and spent nearly every waking hour studying the Bible. Although he would tell you today that he had some weird introverted habits back then, that time and study has paid off - God's using him to do some pretty cool stuff today.

Several years ago he got an idea to do a Bible training program that was easily translatable and transferrable to other cultures and countries throughout the world. His desire is to do something that's low-cost, but high-impact so pastors who are unable to go to formal training because of persecution or lack of funding are able to receive a strong foundation in biblical principles, in their language, with illustrations and concepts that are true to their culture. As a result, iAlethia was born.

Brandon didn't ask me to do this, but I absolutely believe in what he's doing. So go check out his website and consider praying or giving financially to support what God is doing over there. The world is a pretty small, flat place, and ministries like iAlethia have the potential of making a significant impact in places other ministries aren't able to touch.