Hard Stuff

This past weekend, our staff and non-staff church leaders went on a retreat together. One of my heroes, the pastor of Fellowship Bible Church Dallas led our time by talking about "Improving Your Influence Quotient" and did a really great job.

One of the things Gary talked about was the fact that the higher you go, the harder leadership gets. High-level leadership almost always deals in shades of gray, because the black and white problems were solved on the way up the ladder.

High-level leaders have to have great instincts, great character, and great moral clarity, because every single decision will be a test.

That's good stuff to remember, whether you're a high-level leader in a church, a business, or a family. The direction has to be set ahead of time, and the moral/directional compasses have to be checked on every decision. Otherwise, your decisions can easily and inadvertently veer off course.