Trust and Clarity

Our elders met last night and had a great conversation about expectations and trust.

When it comes to organizations, a lack of trust is almost always an indicator of unclear expectations.

Boards don't hire untrustworthy pastors or CEOs. If they do, they fire them immediately.

Pastors and CEOs don't go to work for untrustworthy boards. If they do, it's temporary until they can find another job.

When the problem is not character, it is almost always communication. The board is unclear about what it expects the pastor to do, so they don't trust him. Because the pastor does not have clear expectations of the board's response or expectations of him, he won't trust the board.

Expectations assume accountability and accountability breeds trust. Clarify expectations, and trust problems go away.

I'm thankful to work for a board who is serious about clarifying expectations. We're a work in progress, but they're committed to progressing in the right direction.