New Year, New Look

If you normally read my blog in an RSS reader, you should click through today.

My Canadian friend Drew sent me an email several months ago telling me that my blog design was embarrassing him. So, I told him to do better.

He did.

He's still working out some kinks, but I think you'll agree that he did a pretty fantastic job.

I'm going to have to start writing better to live up to the blog design.


Kara said...

I love the new look!!

Crystal Waters said...

Is there a way that we can still search through old articles by topic? :) Otherwise this looks great! Tell Drew great job! And your writing Chris is awsome!

Kim said...

Very nice. Like.

chloeadele said...

i gasped.


elenburg said...

I guess I'll be the comment curmudgeon and say I liked the old one better b/c I though the greek title was cool: διάλογος

But - the new look it good too.