The human condition is constantly looking for an easier way to do everything. All of us, as a general rule, look for the path of least resistance and take it every chance we get. It's why only 12 percent of the people who make resolutions actually keep them. It's why there really is an app for everything. We buy technology to simplify our lives and then buy technology to simplify our technology. We want to get rich quick, and then get richer quicker.

That's the way it works. The more we try to make life easier, the more complex it gets.

But when it comes to doing great things, there is no easier way. There is no Panacea.

If something is easy, everyone will do it and it will cease to be great.

You don't have to be lazy to be average; you simply have to take the easy road every time it is available.

It takes hard work to be exceptional. It takes diligence to be great. If you really want to do something great, you have to be willing to do what others weren't willing to do.


The Kinley's said...

Thanks for the reminder!

chloeadele said...

just read this with miss gillian. we both need that last paragraph printed and framed where we won't miss it.

good stuff.

Lacie said...

Oh Chris, you are so full of good stuff. I love your book list! I now know where half my Christmas money will go! :) Thanks sweet friend!