Books in my Queue

Not a ton of time to blog today. Kari and I are headed on a mini-vacation Wednesday night through Saturday night, and I'm absolutely swamped here in the office.

So, here are a few books that are currently sitting on my desk waiting to be read. Any you care to add to the list? Any of them you've read that are bombs and should be moved down on my priority list?

Jim and Casper Go to Church, Jim Henderson and Matt Casper
Death by Love, Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears
Soul Revolution, John Burke
Gospel Centered Hermeneutics, Graeme Goldsworthy
11 Innovations in the Local Church, Elmer Towns, Ed Stetzer, Warren Bird


chloeadele said...

Jim and Casper was good. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it when you've finished. Have fun on your vay-cay. :)

chloeadele said...

have you read The Shack? I'm interested in what you think of that one.

Chris Freeland said...

I've got a review of the shack somewhere on here... Back in May or June. You might google it. I'd post the link but I'm on my phone.

chloeadele said...

Did you ever read Shane Claiborne's The Irresistible Revolution? I'd be very interested in your thoughts about that one. I got really into it at first, but then the politics of it all weighed me down.