The Others

We're starting a new series tonight in our Young Singles Ministry called "The Others." 

We got the title from the show "Lost," in which the survivors of a plane crash find themselves on a tropical island. Fairly early in the show they realize they aren't alone on the island. They don't know much about "The Others." A few of them have had encounters with The Others. A couple have even had  conversations with The Others. But nobody knows enough to form an educated opinion. So instead, they avoid the others out of fear. 

I think that's the way many of us approach the people who share our "island" of various belief systems. We're okay with the agnostic down the street, but we're just not sure what to do with someone who is a devout follower of another faith. So, for four weeks our Young Singles ministry will be looking at some of "The Others" in order to find out a little more about them.  

It's always hard to tell what kind of momentum we're going to get out of a new series. I figured this one would be a little less popular, but it seems to really be creating some buzz. Shows how much I know. 

You can't possible examine everything about Islam (our topic for tonight), so we're going to look at primarily three areas: Revelation, God, and Salvation. It should be a really interesting study. 

If you're in Fort Worth, not married yet, and are looking for something to do, you should definitely check it out. 7pm in the Chapel at McKinney Church. 


chloeadele said...

drats. I'm married and in Colorado, but I wanna join in!

I've been waiting for a LOST sermon series. but it might only fuel my obsession...

Sounds great, by the way. I studied world religions in college, but it didn't really go over all I wanted it to.

The Kinley's said...

What if I don't mention my marital status, but in the un-likely event that I'm "picked" up, I'll just say I'm "in a relationship"....then can I come? ;-)

Really I do want to come to the last few, just have to work out the childcare issue.

By the way, what happened to "family friday's"?