What Does the Bible Say?

Every two years, Ken takes a group of guys through a class on Basic Theology. Every time he offers it, he has to cut off the enrollment at 40, because it's such a popular thing. I love that. 

This morning, we had a great conversation, and I think he made a very important point. His goal for the theology class is to help guys be more confident in saying, "this is what the Bible says." 

Our culture has a strong value on "I think," and it even makes tracks into the church. Most of us have been in "Bible Studies" before where the whole group sits around a table and reads a passage. Then, each person goes around the circle and talks about what they think about the passage. 

But "I think," is not nearly as powerful as "The Bible Says." 

The really neat thing is that this is something Ken lives out. His kids talk about peppering him with questions, and that from as early as they can remember, regardless of the question, Ken always took them to the Bible. What a cool testimony for them to have. Even from an early age, they were able to recognize that their daddy's answers came from a Higher Source than just "I think." 

I hope to pass that along to my son. Get out your Bible, learn your way around it, and have other people turn there along with you - they'll get the picture. Your source of Truth is based on more than just your intuition or intellect. Your source of Truth is God's Word. 


Brenda Liniger said...

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