Dead End Roads

From time to time I meet with a group of pastors from all kinds of different backgrounds and church situations. It's a great time of fellowship, learning, and encouragement.

Yesterday, one of the guys made a great point that I want to remember. He said this, "If I've learned one thing in my ministry it's this: when you realize you're walking down a dead-end road, stop walking. The longer you walk down a dead-end road, the more back tracking you're going to have to do before you can get back to the path you were looking for."

Whether it's a program, a personnel decision, or an argument that isn't going anywhere; the further you go down a dead end road, the longer it takes to recover.

There's an art to knowing the difference between a dead end and the scenic route. But, when you know it's a dead end, my friend's advice is wise: get back on through streets as quickly as you can.