Love and Respect

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs was at McKinney on Sunday, and is coming back on March 25-26 for a marriage conference based on his book "Love and Respect." Of the 50 or so marriage books I've read, "Love and Respect" ranks at the top of the list. If you can swing it, the conference will be worth whatever it would cost you to get here for it. You can register at or at

One of the (many) brilliant things Eggerichs talked about on Sunday is the way Hollywood has tapped into our God-given desire for Paradise but has perverted both the means and the end in the process.

In essence, all of us have a yearning in our hearts for Paradise. God has put eternity in the heart of every person alive (Ecclesiastes 3:11). However, true paradise can only be found in and through Him.

Hollywood makes millions by painting a desirable world that doesn't exist in reality and then makes us think that it is attainable if only we will...

What we end up with is collapse, either on the front-end or the back-end.

Either we get hurt in pursuit of False Paradise, or we reach False Paradise only to find out it is not Paradise after all. To quote Prof Hendricks, "We spend our whole life climbing the ladder of success [in relationships, career, entertainment, wealth, or anything else] only to reach the top and realize the ladder is leaning against the wrong building."

I was challenged this weekend to re-think my perspective on Paradise. Am I pursuing Paradise as God reveals it through godly means, or Paradise as Hollywood reveals it through religious means?