Great at What You Can

One of my personal values as well as one of the things I expect of a team is greatness. Not greatness in everything, but greatness at the things for which greatness should be attainable.

I remember advice a piano teacher gave me one time. He said, "Chris, you are never going to play Liszt or Chopin like Van Cliburn does, but there is absolutely no reason on earth why you shouldn't be able to play your scales the way Van Cliburn does."

He made a great point.

I can't do everything with greatness. I can't even do everything someone else could do at the same level of greatness they might be able to do it. But there is absolutely no reason I can't do the fundamental things that everyone can do with greatness that rivals the very best.

In my estimation, this is one of the key things that separates great organizations from everyone else. It isn't that they can do eye-popping things with greatness; it's that they do obvious, fundamental things with greatness.