Workers or Work?

One of the most fun parts of our transition into the lead pastor role at McKinney has been connecting with some of our global mission partners as they come back into town. We support scores of people all over the world who are being used as a part of some incredible things.

This morning I got to visit with one of our partners who is on the way through trying to raise support. After we visited for a while about some of the unbelievable things she is doing, I asked her the question, "What's something you're learning?" I thought her answer was profound.

"I'm learning that in Mathew 9:38 is a more profound prayer than it seems. Jesus told his disciples to pray for workers, not just for more work. I often spend so much time asking God to multiply my time so I can get more work done. God wants me to pray for others to shoulder the load with me so they can experience the joys I experience every day."

Neat perspective, and one that moves us from being doers to disciplers.