Radicals and Crazy Lovers

David Platt and Francis Chan have both written books in the past few years intended to drag complacent Christians off the sidelines. I've reviewed both books in the past. There was a lot to like about both of them. 

My main concern with Crazy Lovers and Radicals isn't just with those books; it's with a sentiment I hear quite a bit from my generation that those books reflect - the inference that if you want to truly follow Christ, you have to leave everything and live just a step above the poverty line. 

There's a place in will of God for Peter who "radically" left his nets by the shores of the Sea of Galilee and followed Jesus. But there is also a place for the cobbler in Macedonia who stayed so he could support the ministry of the apostles. There is a place for Matthew who left the fast-track toward being set for life. There's also a place for Theophilus, who likely bank-rolled the books of Luke and Acts.  

Christ-followers need to be radically sold out to following the leading of the Spirit. But you don't need to be ashamed if the Spirit leads you to Christ-centeredness right where you are. 

Somewhere we need illustrations of the bank president making $300,000 a year who is taking ground for the cause of Christ right where he is. We need illustrations of the person who leverages the luxury they have been afforded to point others toward something eternal. 

When Jesus challenged His followers to leave everything and follow Him, He was talking about heart displacement. For some people that will mean walking away from everything they have. For others, it will mean seeing everything they have through a Christ-centered lens, motivated by a Radical, Crazy Love.


Kara said...

Exactly! I struggled so much when we read these in small groups at church, trying to figure out what MORE I could be doing. I eventually listened to God and realized I am doing just what he called me to do where I am now! I just need to work on my heart and be open for when he wants to move us in another way!

Jay Felker said...

Great Post. I read "Radical" and couldn't help but wonder who was picking up the tab for all those trips around the world that he was constantly going on.