THNGVBDay Update

Lesson learned: Never brag that a day can't get worse!

The plumber came about noon today and was pretty nice. Said they used a new kind of pipe for our plumbing (of course) that he wasn't equipped to fix, but promised he'd send someone tomorrow first thing who could fix it. He treated my wife well, so I was okay with that.

But, this afternoon Kari came home to find that one of our bedrooms was a swimming pool. When the guy turned off the water source to the leak, he didn't turn it off all the way. Now, we're expecting visits from both the "equipped" plumber and a pool drainer company. I just hope the pool drainer company really sucks. Fortunately, everyone who has come to the house so far has been the consumate professional. Unfortunately, I'm going swimming in the bedroom as soon as I post this blog.

Our flights are booked for Australia tomorrow morning.


lisa said...

good grief! just whatever you do, do not get on oceanic flight 815 out of australia, ok?

sorry, i don't mean to make light of the situation. these things always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. still praying for you guys.