Why I Blog

Last night was my last softball game for a while. I'm taking the summer off to prepare for the baby, and because if I keep playing I'm going to kill myself. I'm the only guy I know who comes home from every single softball game bruised, bloody, and dirty from head to toe.

I just don't have an "off" switch for the adrenaline deal.

I can round first base and head for second, telling myself "don't slide - it's not worth it" all the way to the base. But if the throw is going to be close, you can guarantee I'm going to be somewhere in the cloud of dust around second base. Every single time. I just can't turn "it" off.

Honestly, it's an indicator of my personality. I go hard all the time. It goes back to that "if you're not going to give it your best, don't do it at all" mentality. Go hard or go home... that's the story of my life.

Most of the time, that's one of my strongest attributes. But in most cases, our strongest attributes also give a glimpse into our deepest weaknesses.

That's a primary reason I blog.

People blog for lots of reasons. Some people think they've got something worth saying. Some people just want to practice their writing skills. Some people like to argue. Some people just want to keep in touch. All of those have been reasons for certain blog entries from time to time, but the main reason I blog is that it forces me to stop running and stand on base for a second or two.

Because I naturally go hard all the time, I need to force myself to turn off the "dive, dive dive button," sit down, and process what I'm thinking. Otherwise, I'm going to come out of these years of my life bruised, bloody, dirty, and with nothing to show for it.

Thanks for reading, but I'd still blog if you didn't. I'm just trying to avoid diving hard and missing the ball.


Kara said...

When the baby gets here you will learn really quickly to stand on base for awhile! They grow up way too fast!

Brenda Liniger said...

I like this post,,,,I just enjoy the symbolism and the fact that you are talking my language,,,BABY that is!