Remember Mr. Wizard's World on Nickelodeon, where Don Herbert (aka Mr. Wizard) sets 2 million mousetraps in a box and then drops a ping-pong ball on one, which sets them all off? The setup for that is pretty much what my attic looks like this morning. If the deceased Black Knight of Mice has any family members, they're going to have to navigate a labyrinth of 3 different kinds of mousetrap to get to any more pipe. Meanwhile, if anyone has any ideas for how to stop the itch from fiberglass insulation despite two pretty serious showers, I'd love to hear it.

Despite the excitement before and after vacation, we had a great time being gone. We spent a long weekend with our friends Drew and Dawn, and Jason and Joy, at a mutual friend's lake house in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was so great to be able to reconnect with them, though it reminded us how much we miss them. We were worried that when we moved we would lose these relationships, but we were able to pick up fairly close to where we left off - despite Drew's insistence that I got meaner when we moved.

I got through two books while we were there, which I hope to post some reviews of in the next few days. The first was The Shack, a Christian fiction book in the vein of "Dinner with a Perfect Stranger" that is getting quite a bit of publicity. The second was called "Why We're Not Emergent (by Two Guys who Should Be)." It was a recommendation by my Pyromaniac uncle who gave it three "wow's." Phil and I often have a bit different taste in the books we read for leisure, but in my entire life I'm not sure I've heard Phil give a book 3 "wow's," so I thought I'd check it out.

I hope to post on those two books tomorrow; one tomorrow and one next Monday. I'm preaching on Sunday, so a good portion of my days will be spent in preparation for that.

Have a great Wednesday. I'm off to dig out from under the pile of mail and email that stacked up while we were gone.


BJ and Shalene said...

glad you had a great vacation! hope you catch the mice soon. btw, you'll have to teach me how to embed links in my postings.

Chris Freeland said...

Hey Shalene,

I use, so the easiest way is to type the words you want to be linky, highlight the word, then click on the globe with a sideways 8 on your blogger toolbar. Then, type in the link you want to send it to. Pretty easy.

Latest in the saga of the mouse includes 2 more leaks and a tetanus shot (yippee). Judgment day is coming today between 3-5 for any meeces still living in our attic.